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Playful is a robotic behavior orchestration software. It is a thin layer that can be placed on top of any Python robotic API, including ROS and NaoQi.

Playful 5 keywords allows to easily create dynamic behavior trees, to implement resource management and to mix logics (conditional based, priority based and state machines).

It has been conceived to be trivial to use and deploy, Playful executable works out of the box on Ubuntu.


The link below is for a free of charge usage of Playful exclusively for non-profit organization on non-profit projects.

(Download the executable, and go through the Tutorial. No robot required)

Tutorial and documentation

Playful tutorial only requires an installation of Ubuntu (any version above 12.04). It does not require any robot or simulation.

Robot specific libraries and examples


Publications on Playful:

More information on the shared memory and the "targeting" keyword:

Consideration on the usability of the underlying approach:


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